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The Park of the Soul at the Zahir Country House is an open-air museum where artists, designers and innovators are called upon to encourage visitors to reflect, with their works and installations, on the importance of reintroducing ancient Italian and, more generally, Mediterranean crops and cultures, in the search for a new cultural identity, based on beauty and new forms of balance between Man and Nature.
The intention of the Park of the Soul is to promote an image of agriculture that is both sustainable – through the conservation of biodiversity and the reintroduction of ancient native seeds – and multidisciplinary – through an unprecedented mix of the world of agriculture with that of art, fashion, science, new technologies and artificial intelligence. The Park’s first work, ‘Third Paradise’, was created by artist Michelangelo Pistoletto using Russello – an ancient Sicilian variety of wheat. The Park of the Soul is part of the M’AMA.SEEDS project of the AVASIM Consortium, for the protection and promotion of ancient seeds.